Our Policy on Testimonials

Transparency, confidentiality, and personal approach are our values, and here's why we do not publish testimonials online.

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Every once in a while, new clients ask us for testimonials from our previous projects. We are aware that while we have decided not to publish them, many other agencies do. It seems useful, therefore, to explain the reasoning for this policy - specifically:

  • Established reputation
  • Confidentiality
  • Personal approach

We Are Established

Despite its huge revenues, the number of people working in iGaming is relatively small, with plenty of crossover between people's networks. Having been around for years (since 2016), delivering huge volumes of content, translations, and links to several major players, we have built a good reputation among many iGaming industry professionals. 

Our most successful collaborations have always been with iGaming SEO experts and decision-makers who know what they want to achieve and need our services to help them succeed. The client’s success is our success - when you win, we win. As we focus on production, our efficiency depends on clear and detailed assignments from our clients. We do get involved in projects, but we are not into consulting. Our goal is to provide a second opinion where appropriate, but mainly, we focus on getting the job done right.

In our experience, new clients who seek testimonials are often from outside iGaming or may need to persuade a decision-maker who is. In these cases, we believe a simple conversation of introducing ourselves and how we can help is much more valuable than random past comments from completely different projects, from people and/or companies unknown. 

Balancing Transparency With Confidentiality

Transparency is one of our SAPIENT core values, which informs the way we interact with clients and the wider public. However, we sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) with the majority of our clients, and these must of course be respected.

These NDAs are for the protection of both the client and ourselves. From the client perspective, it is not in their best interests to advertise to all of their competitors an agency that has helped them to achieve excellent results in the past months or years. Some of the best working relationships in any industry are a closely-guarded secret, and iGaming is no different. 

Likewise, at IGC, we recognise we have plenty of competition, with numerous content agencies of varying sizes all looking for their next client. While we are confident that we provide the best service (often recommending that our clients test us against other agencies), revealing our clients via testimonials would risk those valuable relationships that we have worked hard to build and maintain since 2016.

Personal Approach

Referrals from friends or colleagues within the industry are a much more powerful indicator of quality than a testimonial because, like us, they are personal, they are genuine. Personal recommendations clearly reflect how well we’ve delivered according to their specific requests.

Every client and every project is different - if you’re looking for a reliable localization partner for a specific GEO, it won’t matter to you how fast we deliver links or how many casino reviews we can deliver in a week. We try to take a call with every new client so that everyone is fully aligned on the goals of a project and how we will get there.

Try us, and see for yourself

We have produced 50M+ words and published thousands of SEO and PR articles since our launch in 2016. We have worked with 40% of companies on the EGR Power 50 and EGR Power Affiliate 50 lists. In short, we are here to stay.

If you still need testimonials, let us know, and we will look into it. But as we’ve explained, there are usually better ways for you to be sure that we are your best choice. Just get in touch, and we’ll take it from there. 

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