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Our talented international in-house team is dedicated to iGaming outreach. We know what works, what is hot, who accepts gambling and which metrics are important. We are based in Malta, a place where things happen, and we keep our fingers on the pulse of iGaming industry and online gambling link building.

Why IGC is the best choice for your iGaming Outreach

Our team is transparent, available and provides tailor-made offers to all our clients
5+ years of niched experience and thousands of great link opportunities
Straightforward and effective processes, allowing us to be fast and deliver on time

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How We Work - Intro By Our Outreach Manager, Daniel Hult

  • We are continuously reaching out to new websites to partner up with to offer their advertising opportunities to our clients. Our portfolio of media partners is ever-expanding and updated.
  • Our tailored portfolio will be regularly presented to you based on your needs and requirements.
  • Once you have selected websites to publish on, our Content Managers contact the partner site again to coordinate the publications.
  • All you need to do is select the sites and approve the content before publishing.
  • As we aim to publish as fast as possible, if there are specific requirements, we'll discuss them with you beforehand.

We Care About Your Needs and SEO Metrics

By working with IGC’s Outreach team, you will save a lot of time analysing backlink opportunities. Furthermore, you will get professional assistance with additional metrics you need, such as up-to-date data from Ahrefs and Majestic, LRT Power*Trust, as well as manually collected GEO distribution. 

We focus on working with permanent posts without any sponsor tag. The topics of those posts depend on the source website. It has to be a perfect intersection between the theme of the site and casino or sports. Our goal is to make all parties happy. The publisher has to receive a valuable and natural piece of content, which complies with the customer needs and requirements.

So how do we get things going to make you rank better on top casino and sports betting keywords? 

We start by understanding your goals and needs. It is totally up to you to decide how much information you find reasonable to share. We collect your requirements in terms of metrics and GEOs. 

Your dedicated iGaming Outreach Manager will create a personalised spreadsheet containing a shortlist of websites that fit your criteria. This list will be continuously updated with new iGaming link opportunities. All websites you will see on the list accept links to online gambling websites.

We Help You With Great Content For Your Link Articles

All our link articles are written by professional native writers who understand link building and iGaming. They know how to make a great tie-in and which authority links to use. Our pool of casino and sports betting SEO writers make it possible for us to deliver outstanding results, no matter the market you target. 

Instead of working with generic SEO agencies, focusing on its home GEO, you can turn directly to  IGC’s Outreach team. As we know who is working with online gambling site links in each GEO, working with us will be more efficient. 

Outreach for iGaming Must Be Transparent

We believe that Outreach partnerships must be transparent. There are plenty of blogger outreach agencies using different approaches. We are convinced that ours is the one that works best, as it saves you time, provides added value, and is focused on building trust in a long-term partnership.

Around 500 affiliates and SEO departments are serious with their investment into Outreach and casino backlinks. This area of our industry is small enough to guarantee full transparency. We will sign an NDA and General Agreement with you and gradually build trust and intensify our collaboration.

We Understand Responsible Gambling

Yet another advantage of selecting a serious content agency for your outreach projects is our experience within the industry, including Responsible Gambling compliance. Our link articles follow Gamcare, Be Gambling Aware and Ygam guidelines. We understand the requirements posed by Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission

Ugly casino links might not only lead to terrible effects for your iGaming off page SEO. If done wrong, they might also result in fines you have to pay and bad publicity. 

If you are serious with your sports betting or casino link building, you should care about these issues. At IGC (iGaming Content Services), we know most of the pitfalls.

We Are Not Fans of Casino PBN

We are not the type of guys selling casino PBN links from a country club terrace, trying to find customers who don’t care about doing an extra check. Throughout the years, we have helped top casino and sports betting affiliates and operator SEO departments with their iGaming outreach projects. 

While getting links from a Casino PBN is still an approach that some might find adequate. We are not fans of it. We recommend our clients not to buy PBN links at all, and unless you specifically mention that you would like to see those, they will never make the cut into your link spreadsheet.

Other Ways of Doing Online Gambling Outreach

Even though we have a clearly outlined Outreach process that has proven to be successful over six years, we are always open to looking into alternative ways of partnering with online gambling affiliates and casino operators.

We are also ready to discuss a dedicated whitehat link building service for your company, with you paying an hourly rate. Our content team will go the extra mile to help you deliver something unique and viral to attract links to the article, infographic, or another piece of content. It is easier to do with sports and more challenging with a casino brand. Sometimes, it is still worth trying, and we are here for you, ready to get into creative mode.

At IGC are fully aware that some SEO agencies charge a monthly fee for a certain number of link articles or iGaming digital PR, as some might call it. While we don’t believe in fixed price SEO packages at all, we might still agree on certain budgets and retainers in order to plan ahead and work towards specific goals together with you.

Guest Post Articles and Digital PR for the iGaming Industry

The winning approach for iGaming outreach is not about buying guest post articles from anyone in hundreds. We find the term “guest post” itself spammy. Cheap guest posts are not the way to go either for getting up in SERPs in the online gambling industry. 

What is useful for your SEO is being selective to get digital PR articles at serious sports or gambling news magazines. We have a large number of iGaming media sites in our portfolio curated for this purpose and the journalists that write for us will help you with a perfect high quality paid post with SEO and/or PR value.

If you want to submit something for free you have to remember that casino guest posting sites or rather websites accepting links to gambling sites are extremely hard to find and most often of low quality.  

IGC is all about helping your startup, or established company with serious digital PR projects and can suggest the right articles and positioning for your brand.

Your iGaming Link Building Agency in Malta

Finding a link builder you can trust is always a challenge, and there are several factors to consider, as we’ve outlined. Most of the SEO companies in the world will claim that they are the best choice. They will mention resource link building, curated links and other methods, leading to complex collaboration and non-transparent pricing. 

At IGC, we simplify Outreach. You take care of the strategy. We are ready to help you out with our advice, in case you like it that way. Our team might have more experience within a certain GEO market or see the potential for improvement, both off-page and on-page. We like being proactive and bringing you value. But in the end, it is you who will make the decisions. 

Our PR & Outreach team is based in Malta, and we are always happy to meet up and discuss your project in person.

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