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We deliver content and links. We don’t position ourselves as a consultancy focused iGaming SEO agency. We are a niched gambling marketing agency, working with off-page and on-page SEO for casino and sports betting clients.

The term iGaming SEO services is misused, used for selling hot air. We do not pitch promises. We assist you with building on your success long-term. Our clients know SEO well and have a clear vision of what they need to get there.

Why IGC is the best choice for your iGaming SEO

We assist you with both on-page and off-page, no matter the GEO
We know the industry and competition and are always ready to give a second opinion
We are familiar with the state-of-the-art practices and won’t let you down

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You will not hear anything about fixed price packages and expensive hourly rates for SEO consulting with us. We will not come up with huge promises that don’t stack up. We will not pitch to you “the right” affiliate programs or a WordPress gambling plugin or a theme.

What we will do instead is to understand your goals and needs. We will use our iGaming SEO experience in the market of your choice, both off-page and on-page. We will analyse the competitive landscape and act as an advisor, providing you with the building blocks you need to build on a great performance. 

Without a doubt, our sports betting and casino SEO skills will be of value throughout our relationship in all the work we do. We create sports betting and casino content that is SEO-friendly. We help you build links for your iGaming affiliate or operator brand in the way it should be done. 

If you need additional SEO services from our team, we are happy to provide those as well. We do this only for our long-term partners and only when we have internal resources available. 

Website Structure

While in most cases, the website structure is already available; sometimes we let our SEO experts create one together with the language specialists. This additional service is popular for more challenging languages, such as Japanese and Korean. It can also be of value for a brand new site if our client is not that familiar with the iGaming industry

Once we have learned more about your project, we could also proactively recommend how to expand your site with new content if we feel this can add value. 

SEO friendly content

We are experts in creating SEO friendly content for casino and sports betting websites. Our team covers all popular iGaming languages. As we work with many clients, we adhere to current industry requirements and are among the first ones to see a new trend, both when it comes to a new language/GEO and a new product focus. 

Before we get started with your SEO content, we can send you examples of our past work for the market of your interest, as well as doing a sample test for each selected writer. You provide us with your requirements, Tone-of-Voice, writing tips and any other form of guidelines you prefer us to follow. Our top writers will do their magic, while the final quality assurance will be coordinated by our professional Account Manager.  

Keyword Research

For more important pieces of online content, it is vital to invest some time into keyword research. Sometimes this part of SEO content creation is done by our clients. As we are well-familiar with gambling terms, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner and other tools, we can also help you with finding the best keyword phrases for your articles.

Our language specialists will run the project, looking for relevant online casino, sports or other entertainment keywords, analysing their search volume and estimating their interest, based on expected conversion rate. The most popular ones of value will be selected and presented to form the base for your upcoming SEO article.

Article Planning

Once the keywords have been chosen, it is time to group them well and create a perfect article plan for your piece of SEO content. We have many years of experience writing great iGaming texts that rank. A good SEO article plan takes as much time to produce as it takes to perform keyword research. 

We will take a closer look at the leading competitors and see what can be done in a similar or a better way. This method is sometimes referred to as an SEO Skyscraper Technique. For us, it is merely one step in the process that is so obvious that it does not require any flashy term for it.

Our team will then continue with selecting H2:s and other headings, writing SEO title and Meta descriptions for the article, as well as giving tips to the SEO writer on lists, infographics, tables and LSI keywords that can be good to use in the upcoming article.

SEO Friendly Images

Yet another additional SEO service we provide is finding and tweaking images in a search engine friendly way. Compressing the files and making them unique is an essential factor when creating SEO content. 

The images have to be relevant and have optimised image names and alt texts. We will take on this type of task only for large volume orders. Your dedicated Account Manager will be working with both a junior designer and a language specialist to guarantee that you get the images that add value to the content. 

Landing Page Design

While written content is king, sometimes the visual part of it makes all the difference. For more converting pieces of content, aka landing pages, it can be a good idea to create a unique design. We take on this type of task on an ad hoc basis when you find it more efficient to do it with the IGC team rather than with your in-house designers.   

Infographics and Polls

For advanced landing pages, viral or important pieces of content, it can be good to put much more effort into creating something unique and of exceptional value to the reader.

If you have an idea for infographics, or a poll, or are interested in us coming up with ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We love getting immersed into more creative projects that often lead to totally stunning results.

Content Uploading

It can be a hassle uploading your content into the CMS. Whether the project is large or small, it is not a problem. We have the right people for that. 

Based on our experience, our clients don’t use Content Management Systems that require long training so our experts can quickly get to work. We sign an NDA and receive restricted access to your system in order to upload all the SEO content that our writers create. If you want, you can click the Publish-button yourself while our team saves it all as Draft.

iGaming SEO Links

A year after we launched IGC, we noticed a huge need for a professional digital PR service for our clients. It is not easy to get great iGaming SEO links in a natural way. The market is overwhelmed with less serious actors who don’t care much about tomorrow and provide poor service. 

In order to assist casino and sports betting SEO experts with iGaming links, we created an Outreach department. Their services have been highly appreciated by a large number of IGC customers. Our dedicated link building team takes care of the whole process and ensures the final QA, keeping both publishers and clients satisfied with the end result.

SEO Audit

There are many online services where you can do an SEO Audit in a matter of minutes, in most cases for free. Then numerous digital marketing agencies will try to sell this service for a large amount of money or pretend that it has a tremendous value while offering it for free as a part of your long-term package deal.

At IGC, we can for sure do a good SEO audit for you if you find it necessary. However, if you need one, then most likely you are not our client. We work with clients who are SEO experts already. They have a clear strategy and know-how to analyze their primary area of responsibility. 

Therefore, we often do a quick analysis of our clients’ websites and share some ideas and tips, rather than packaging it into something unclear and making an SEO audit a big thing. We stick to clear, actionable points, letting the client lead the way but advising you on what works best as you do.

Managing Your SEO Projects

Finally, let’s take a look at the tools we use in our day-to-day work with iGaming SEO clients. Just as is the case with most of the things we at IGC do, we are flexible. Our team is managing hundreds of SEO projects at the same time. 

We have to be amazing at multitasking without our clients losing the feeling that they have full attention. One solution to this is the dedicated Account Manager service. Another is being fluent working with various project management software tools. 

Tell us your preferred one, and we will go with it! We work with Notion, Trello, Asana and Jira, to mention a few. For off-page projects, we work with an individual approach, using Google Spreadsheets, while we are working on custom-built software. 

If you prefer communicating by email, Skype or Slack (feel free to add us!), we are ready. Start the conversation by discussing the process you prefer with your dedicated Account Manager. Let’s get the SEO projects started!   

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