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Finding a good freelance iGaming writer for your gambling article is not an easy task. Our agency has been working as a provider of online casino and sportsbook content since 2016. We understand the importance of content and are aware of all the nuances specific to the gambling industry.

Why IGC is the best choice for your iGaming Content

We select and manage the best writers for your project, no matter the language
Full QA, guaranteeing the language quality and that the text meets your requirements
We speak SEO and work flexibly with the project management tools and templates you're used to

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We know very well how difficult it can all get. The fact that we exist and continue growing is the perfect proof that we bring value to our clients. We know how to write casino articles, we understand sports betting, poker and bingo, and we will spread your message right! As we know which iGaming writers to entrust with particular tasks, working with IGC / iGaming Content Services will save you time, stress and money.

Text Comes First: Why Your Casino and Gambling Content Online Matters

Long gone are the days when it was all about a functioning website, with the rest being less important. When the online casino industry started, people had just a few choices and all gambling sites had more or less the same content with the texts kept to a minimum.

Now there are hundreds of online casinos licensed in Malta and other jurisdictions around the world. The trend goes towards regulation of individual gambling markets. At the same time, online advertising and SEO are among the absolute top competitive factors. 

Casino copywriting and SEO content creation is an important step for every online operator and affiliate, leading to greater conversions and maximising the chances of high rankings in SERPs on top-converting keywords

Experts in online writing have to understand gambling and the iGaming industry in order to produce top content that meets customer requirements and expectations. They need to understand gambling addiction risks well and know how to avoid certain topics. 

It is not enough to be good at SEO content writing. By working with us as a provider, you can be on the safe side and won’t need to spend hours educating freelancers. Our iGaming content writers have the expertise to understand the laws and industry standards, such as Google Play policy and different iGaming markets. 

We will help you with all types of gambling texts, from link articles on relevant topics such as “Why are Gambling ads still on TV”, to complex localisation projects, ensuring that your gambling website feels local in any market you wish to target – from Japan and New Zealand to Canada and LatAm.

While you will be doing the strategic work in terms of content marketing strategy and SEO, we are here to help. Our gambling content experts can help you to identify all the missing pieces and will be happy to give you a second opinion on your decisions, from the templates you use to the keywords you target. There is always an added value along the way when working with IGC. 

Top gambling content and organic traffic: a great strategy for every online casino brand and affiliate

If you intend to win the battle for organic traffic and rank well on top gambling terms, such as ‘online casino’ and ‘best betting site’, you need great content. Hiring experienced and professional SEO writers is the optimal strategy for every affiliate and operator brand out there.

The competition is greater than ever as all industry actors compete to find the best gambling content writers and get the best links. Our agency is your best bet for implementing your SEO growth strategy. By working with us long-term, you can be sure that your international content projects will be delivered fast, with high-quality, creating quantifiable results.

Who will write your texts about gambling online?

In order to ensure the quality, you have only two options. The first is an agency, and there are just a few specialised iGaming content agencies like ours. We are the best for the more complex projects, specifically those that require targeting several gambling markets at once

The second option is finding online gambling writers by yourself, and unless you have the budget for hiring several content managers and coordinators, this alternative is way too expensive. Having a content team in-house is a long-term investment and, hence, a risk you would have to take.

Why Us?

Sourcing online content writing is easy if you need some texts every once in a while. There are plenty of iGaming freelancers out there. But, when you need to deliver high volumes or cover several languages at once, finding a good gambling content writer/freelancer is not enough, you need a one-stop shop for content that can cover your needs.

As IGC iGaming Content Services is a team of experts in online content creation, translation, localisation and link building, we work with only the best gambling content creation specialists, and we check their level of understanding in SEO and the iGaming industry, so we know how to get the quality you deserve.

We help you with:

  • Selecting the best writers with industry experience for your project, no matter the language
  • Coordinating your project and administering all the freelancer payments
  • Ensuring that the content is delivered within deadlines
  • Doing full QA, guaranteeing the language quality and that the texts meet your requirements
  • Covering your translation and link building needs, if you need a partner for this

Online gambling is an industry where a mistake can be expensive. It is a lot about what not to do and knowing what works. As all our writers and team members are experienced in iGaming, we know what to avoid. We will have Responsible Gambling and other important factors in mind. At IGC, we call this industry-specific common sense. We have it!

IGC is a one-stop shop for content and translations, offering timely delivery, native iGaming writers with years of industry experience and hundreds of happy clients.

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