No, we understand you may have other commitments and you cannot commit to a minimum amount of words per day, week or month. If you cannot accept a project you are always free to reject it. 

Keep in mind, that if this happens very frequently, or you are generally less available, as a result you may not be the first we contact you for future projects.

Yes. It is not a bad idea to remind your project manager of your availability. There is no guarantee that we will have a project for you though. See the next question.

Unfortunately, no. We are completely reliant on our clients for work requests and we have very little insight or control over what and how much work they order. 

There are some exceptions to this: for some clients we perform regular translations or we create regular blog articles, for example. In those cases we can give you an average expected amount of work for the short term. We cannot confirm for how long that arrangement will stay in place.

Inform your project manager. They will mark you as temporarily unavailable in our system.

As our company is based in Spain, all times given are in CET (CEST in summertime) unless otherwise stated.


Content projects can consist of:

  • guides, such as betting strategies, how do slots work, roulette strategies
  • casino/sportsbetting site reviews
  • slot/game reviews
  • blog articles
  • game descriptions
  • landing pages / lobby texts

All types of content tasks can be requested to be translated into a different language. The main difference with content creation tasks is that you won’t create content based on an article plan or original instructions, but the source text will be your main input. The source text is by default in English.

As a technical translator, you will mainly translate words, phrases and sentences related to games and game rules. It is therefore important that you have a solid understanding of slots and table games terminology.

The translations generally need to be done in the translation tool XTM-cloud.

Other types of projects can be: Web template translations or terms and conditions.

Outreach articles are generally between 500 and 700 words. Topics can be wide-ranging but there will be an angle to online casinos or sports betting.

You will receive a notification through your preferred method of contact. In most cases, this is via email, but it can also be via Skype or WhatsApp.
No work is to be carried out until a Project/Account Manager has given the go-ahead and passed the complete project/task instructions to you.

If you have any doubts at all about the instructions, always ask your project manager — that is what we are here for.

Let your project manager know as soon as you can. The sooner you can inform them, the more time it will give them to find another provider.

In general, we expect a reply from you on all our communications within the same working day. To confirm (or reject) a project, we really appreciate a response within a few hours.

Let your project manager know as soon as you can, in all cases you should contact them before the deadline expires. Depending on the project, either an extension can be arranged or other arrangements can be made.

Your project manager should always provide you with the project number. If they didn’t or you are not sure, please ask.

Although we appreciate your point of view on feedback that we provide, bear in mind that 1. we have extensive experience working with different clients so we generally have a good idea what is required 2. often the feedback we provide to you is feedback that we have received from the client, and they may have their own reasons why they are requesting something to be done in a certain way.

Rather than arguing who is right, it is more beneficial to learn to meet our and our clients’ expectations to avoid more issues in the future.

If you do not receive any feedback on a project you can assume - within a reasonable time limit, approximately one week - it was approved and there were no problems. You can always check with your project manager if you want to know for sure.

Let your project manager know as soon as possible. It could be that your work has not yet been delivered to the client and even if it has, we may decide to inform the client accordingly.

We have different departments within IGC, each with their own project manager(s). So if you provide technical translations, content and outreach articles for us, you may deal with up to 3 different project managers. 

However, as we are a small company we all work very closely together. So if for example you need to get in touch with one of us, and you don’t get a reply, please ask one of your other IGC contacts as they will be able to help you out.


PDF Format - Accompanied with an Excel Spreadsheet that contains the list of itemised tasks.
PDF saved as: Name Surname - #.PDF (# unique number)
Example: Hannah Jansdotter - 14.pdf

For each completed task, add 1 line in a filtered Excel with the following details:

Type of task | Reference number (PO) | Description | Name of Account Manager | Units | Price
Example: Translation English to Swedish | PO 21000000 | Casino review Gamename | Linda | 600 (words) | 26.00

This should be on the Purchase Order you received for each specific task.
If you are unsure, ask your project/account manager.

Invoices that do not include all these details will be rejected for non-compliance and
may delay the payment.

  • Issue date - set as final day of the month
  • Due date - set as 15th of the following month
  • Unique invoice number
  • Our details:

IGC Content Limited
SOHO Office Hotel
Elia Zammit Street
St. Julians, STJ 3150, Malta
EU VAT: MT26051220

  • Your details: Name Surname / Company name and full address
  • Your EU VAT Number (if available)
  • Your payment details: Bank name, account holder name, account number, IBAN, BIC/SWIFT or PayPal ID
  • Currency and Total amount

This depends on the project. In most cases, your project manager will get back to you within a few days to let you know if any changes are necessary or if the output has been accepted. If you haven’t heard back within a week, you can assume the project is completed and it can be included on the invoice.

For some projects it can take a long time (weeks, sometimes even months) before we receive feedback from the client. In those cases, we may get back to you for some changes after you have already invoiced the projects. Depending on the amount of work required, we can agree on additional payment.

It is not necessary to cc your project manager. If there is any question about your invoice, the IGC finance department will contact the relevant project manager. 

There are several online tools available online. If you are unsure, we recommend this one below, which is also free of charge:

Payment for content creation(except outreach) tasks will always be for actual words delivered - unless specified otherwise.

For outreach articles, payment will always be for 600 words per article - unless specified otherwise.

Please note that labels and instructions such as ‘meta title’ or ‘insert table here’ are not to be included in the word count.

For translations and localisations, payment will be based on the number of words in the source text. Your project manager will provide you with the exact number of words to invoice.

In order to count the number of words, we recommend (and use) this tool:, as different word-editors use their own algorithm and result in different word counts.

For technical translations, we use a tool called XTM. This automatically calculates the number of words based on the following matching levels with the translation memory for your language:

  • No matching 0-74% rate: 100% 
  • Fuzzy Match 75-84% rate: 75%   
  • Fuzzy Match 85-94% rate: 50%    
  • Fuzzy Match 95-99% rate: 50%     
  • Fuzzy Repeat Match 75-84% rate: 75%    
  • Fuzzy Repeat Match 85-94% rate: 50%    
  • Fuzzy Repeat Match 95-99% rate: 50%    
  • Repeat rate: 20%    
  • Leveraged rate: 20%   
  • Non-translatable/ICE matching: 0%

Due to the calculations involved, your project manager will normally provide you with the total payment amount. A breakdown according to the above levels if available on request, if there is a valid reason for it.


Payments will be made on the 15th of the month after you have sent your invoice. We kindly request that you send your invoices at the end of each month, with all completed projects for that month.

All invoices are paid every 15th of the month. No exceptions.

  • SEPA Bank transfer
  • Wise
  • PayPal

Yes. We can pay in most local currencies. Make sure we have your preferred currency on file and clearly indicated on your invoice.
Please note that for bank transfers, your bank account must support the chosen currency.

We do not support cash payments.

First, check that your invoice is due according to the agreed terms.
If so, please contact to clear the issue.


Yes, you can mention on LinkedIn that you have worked for/are working for IGC, under the following conditions:

  • You have completed as least 1 project for IGC and your content was approved by the client
  • The Employment type for the experience is set to ‘Freelance’
  • As per our NDA and not disclose any of our clients' names or details of the projects you worked on.

This is up to the discretion of your project manager. Feel free to ask but we cannot guarantee a testimonial will be provided.

Please, do not mention IGC or any of our clients in any of your publications (website, CV or otherwise) without explicit approval from your project manager at IGC.